Wednesday, January 16, 2013

John Brennan - Will You Insist on the Lockerbie Truth to Be Told? Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO Knows Who Did It.... Al Gore WIll Know About the Cover Up. Did I Mention My Uncle Was Chief Pilot for Pan Am? My Name is Sharyn Bovat and I Was "Outed" for My Past Work for CIA Operatives AFTER I Whistle Blew at NISSAN. Someone Needs to Investigate?

Mr. Brennan -

Hello my name is Sharyn Bovat my bio & it's hard to explain what's happened to me the last 3+ years but basically I whistle blew & people working at NISSAN connected to ex CIA that Carlos Ghosn met from the CEO's Michelin days (1985-1986 the Iran Contra era) well they have terrorized me.  I've been jailed 3 times on trumped up charges.  The courts in Tennessee quashed my subpoenas.  After fighting for 19+ months in the courts I was found guilty of a crime with a maximum $50 penalty.  Because I told my lawyer Kline Preston in fall 2010 that the charges were "most likely" due to past research I did for CIA operatives and that I knew that IRAN was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103  &  he did NOT tell me until OVER 2 years later his brother was the CIA's top lawyer Stephen Preston my constitutional rights were violated.  Sir - I need this investigated. 

Also the "Cold War" is over. The Iraq issue is resolved - 
it's time the families of the victims of the crash got the truth.


Sharyn Bovat

Below I put on one of my other blogs a few days ago.   Sir, it's time the families had closure.

The People That Filled My Life WIth Memories Told Me   "It's Done"   Well That & Google...  

Remember that Show Cold Case?  

Maybe I've Spent Too Much Time in Tennessee and the People That Pray at Starbucks Infected Me... Tonight I Had a Feeling God Took Control of the Fight - Maybe the stress has gotten to me or living in fear I'll be murdered like others I knew in the past.  

It just seemed like tonight heaven was watching... 

It seems the Lockerbie dead want their families to enjoy their remaining time on earth.  Humanity is better because they fought for the truth. 

The fact that people in the mainstream media are uncomfortable is because they fear the truth is about to pop - they ignored reality and created their own.  When they started profiting from it... the balance of power shifted.  It's time to reign in & face the "real" reality.    

The world is in a time of transition. What the families can do is make sure "this" never happens again.

My grandfather who died in 1998 told me in spirit tonight that I was "annoying"... he smiled. He wanted the truth told... That is why he died in 1998.   I love you papa.

  It's Time to Give The Truth the Lockerbie families.

It's time to "close the case"...

God Bless America & the UK


Time to Talk Carlos...... 
The families Deserve the TRUTH!!

Because She Listened

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